Certified Meditation, Breathwork & Yoga Teacher

Peak Performance Mindset Coach for high achievers

Keynote Speaker & Optimising Energy Workshop Facilitator

Co-Founder of Mind Body Soul’d, a corporate well-being company

Co-Creator of Rise Disco, a sober ecstatic dance party

Former Silicon Valley Corporate Headhunter at Google, Pandora Music & Coinbase

Former Australian Football Athlete







I can relate. Years ago, I was there, too: 

Overwhelmed in a busy corporate job… but scared to leave 

Stuck in the grind and hustle 

Had no energy, giving 110% and burning myself out

Constantly getting sick with sinus and chest infections

Worried how to make ends meeting without a regular paycheck






Eventually, it got so bad

that I had to change.

I went on a journey of personal development and healing

and got trained in multiple modalities to make

sure I never had to suffer in the same way again.

Over time I changed my whole life, and since

— through my own workshops and coaching—

have helped countless people just like you, do the same.






Can You Imagine a Life Where:

Your mind is surprisingly calm and clear 

You’re disciplined and productive at work 

You’re comfortable in your own skin 

You confidently pursue your dreams with little/no hesitation or fear.

Your new confidence earns you friends and respect wherever you go

…So you feel proud of who you are

These are just some of the things that

The Elevate Program can do for you, too!