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Learn how to harness your abundant natural energy within and experience more confidence, clarity, creativity, and happiness. Living in our busy 24/7 digitally-connected society can often leave us feeling exhausted, confused and disempowered. We outsource our energy, health and happiness to things externally to us, believing others have the answers to our problems. When we learn to connect with the source of our inner power every day through movement, breathwork, sound, meditation & mindset, we begin to stabilize a consistently elevated super consciousness state.


Amplify your leadership capabilities by taming your busy mind. Our power is our presence and this is the most valuable gift a leader can give. When we are in the ‘here and now” in the present moment, we are connected to the source of our courage to overcome fear, as well as the source of our creativity and intuitive wisdom, which allows us to navigate any uncertainty with greater adaptability. By cultivating greater awareness and adaptability, we can increase our capacity to be the most impactful leader.

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Nico teaches the signature 1 Giant Mind Transcendence-based ‘Being’ Meditation Technique LIVE in-person + virtually via Zoom in a 60-day program format.

The technique is similar to popular styles of meditation like TM (Transcendental Meditation) or VM (Vedic Mediation) and is designed to practice twice daily for 20mins to reap the maximum benefit.

The technique originated in India and has been handed down from wise masters who were dedicated to elevating humans into the highest states of health and fulfillment and to ultimately realize our full potential.


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The Tiramisu Within You

Master Your Mind, Elevate Your Energy, & Find Your Purpose with ‘The Tiramisu Within You’ Book, coming soon in 2024.

The Tiramisu Within you
The Podcast

Tiramisu translates to “lift me up” and we all have an abundant uplifting natural energy inside of us when we reconnect with our true Self at the innermost core of our Being. Join Nico and his legendary guests as they playfully share their uplifting stories and practical personal growth tools to support you in raising your energy, mastering your mind, cultivating harmonious relationships, and aligning with your purpose to experience next-level fulfilment.

The podcast dives deep into holistic ancient wisdom from the Vedic, Yogic, and Taoist traditions which share similar themes around purifying the mind and body, expanding our inner power and presence, harmonizing with nature and discovering our full potential. This is combined with modern bio-hacking, neuroscience and mindset tools to have you feeling and performing at your best more of the time. Less friction and more flow = yes please!


Upon completing Nico’s meditation course I found it very easy to continue meditating daily. Nico’s teaching methods and personality are nothing short of amazing. I’ve felt supported every step of my journey.

Learning from Nico and the technique he uses is by far the most easy to do, and implement into my life that I have experienced. On top of that Nico's passion and love for what he does shines brightly through, this was a wonderful way to learn and experience the meditation practice. Since doing the course it is the longest and most consistent I have been with meditating and I can navigate life's demands so much better because of it.

Nico is an absolutely brilliant meditation teacher who is so dedicated and passionate for his work! The technique itself is quite simple (yet very powerful). The emphasis was how to make it part of a daily practice. Strongly recommended learning meditation with Nico!

Learning this meditation technique with Nico has been such a blessing. I can feel the difference in my body and mind and notice when I miss a meditation. My life has benefited greatly from this in that i can handle stress better, and I’m much calmer during high pressure situations. Nico teaches with such love and devotion and I couldn't recommend this course any more.

Nico is unlimited in his energy, positivity and impact. He has really inspired, motivated and pushed me to go beyond my own self imposed constraints and focus on what is possible.

I feel more invigorated and sparkier every morning with my daily meditation practice.

About Nico

Nico is an inspirational Meditation & Breathwork Teacher, Peak Performance Mindset Mentor, and Corporate Keynote Speaker.

He began as an Australian Football Athlete where he learnt the life-long skills of self-discipline, leadership and elite team performance. 

Nico then spent a decade working in talent acquisition at Silicon Valley tech companies including Google and Coinbase bringing his passion for people, workplace culture and wellbeing into the office.

After feeling unfulfilled in his corporate work, he learnt transcendence-based meditation in 2013 which gave him the clarity and energy to align with his true purpose which is guiding people out of their minds and back into their hearts to amplify their inner power.

Nico’s journey of self-discovery led him to learning and becoming certified in many healing modalities including meditation, yoga, qigong, THETA energy healing, mantra-science and dance-therapy.

He has been an avid-world traveller and culture explorer having lived in Melbourne, Byron Bay, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Bali.

Nico is the Co-Founder of Mind Body Soul’d, a Corporate Wellbeing & Emotional Intelligence Company.

Nico’s core teaching is the embodiment of our true nature by mastering our minds through ancient Eastern practices, amplifying our abundant natural energy within, aligning with our purpose to experience more fun and fulfillment.

Living in our busy 24/7 digitally-connected society can often leave us feeling exhausted, confused and disempowered. We outsource our energy, health and happiness to things externally to us, believing others have the answers to our problems.When we learn to connect with the source of our inner power every day through movement, breathwork, & meditation, we begin to experience a more sustained elevated state

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